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Mediation in divorce and family law cases has become more popular in recent years. The amount of time it can take to have a trial can be years. The cost of a mediated settlement is often far less than going to court to resolve every issue. Additionally, Mediation offers you the opportunity to make informed decisions about the financial and legal issues, and tailor your own agreement, as opposed to having a Judge rule on these important matters.   

Why Mediation?

Mediation is a good option for couples without children, people with ordinary assets, and parents who agree on almost everything; mediation is a great way to resolve minor issues that can arise even between spouses who remain friendly. However, it is important to know that if mediation does not resolve your issues or the other party is unwilling to engage in the process, you will need to go to court. That is why you should have the advice and counsel of an experienced legal team that can both fight for you in court and guide you through the mediation process.

Contact a South Shore Divorce Mediation Lawyer

At Coastal Divorce and Family Law, LLC our experienced and sympathetic lawyers can help with mediation in divorce and family law cases. Mediators are trained in helping clients communicate effectively. We are experts at assisting clients breakthrough impasses and we guide clients gently into an agreement that works for them.  Whether you need to work out a parenting plan, respond to a request to remove a child from the state, or seek a modification in child support or alimony, mediation could be an excellent way to reduce your costs and obtain a speedier result. To learn more, call our Hingham law firm at 781-556-5216 or contact us online for a free initial consultation to discuss your case. 

Things to Know about Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

Mediation is a tried-and-true way of resolving disputes of all kinds, not just family law disputes. However, people contemplating divorce mediation to save many and resolve the matter more quickly should be aware of factors such as:

  • You cannot force the other party to engage in mediation.
  • Mediation, unlike a trial, is confidential. The only people who know what happened during mediation sessions are the parties, their lawyers, and the mediator. 
  • Mediations can be scheduled at any time convenient to all the parties. You will not be bound by a court schedule. 
  • Mediation gives the parties control of the outcome—a judge or jury will not decide anything for you. 
  • Although mediation is a great tool in many circumstances, it should not be used in all divorce cases. If one party is unaware of the assets involved, if one of the parties is abusive or bullying, if the spouses won’t talk with each other, or if one party doesn’t want a divorce, mediation will probably not work. 
  • If your effort at mediation doesn’t work and you need to go to court to resolve outstanding issues, know that the confidentiality of the mediation sessions does not transfer to a trial. If there are issues that you really do not want publicized, know that if you ultimately need to go to trial, anything said in mediation sessions could become public through the court.

Our experienced attorneys can advise you about the pros and cons of mediation in your specific situation.

Call a Massachusetts Mediation Lawyer

If you are hoping to lower legal costs, speed up the divorce process, and obtain a good settlement based on a sincere desire to keep the process respectful and non-adversarial, call our South Shore law firm in Hingham, MA Telephone 781-556-5216 or contact us online for a free initial consultation to learn more about divorce mediation. 


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