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MA Divorce Lawyers Handling High-end Matters on the South Shore

Financial problems are a frequent cause of problems in a marriage. However, being well-to-do and comfortable does not prevent divorce. In fact, for couples with significant assets and incomes, divorce can become even more complicated and painful than it would be otherwise. At the Hingham, Massachusetts law firm, Coastal Divorce and Family Law, LLC, our attorneys have the knowledge, experience and specialized resources needed to handle the complex financial issues around divorces between high-net-worth individuals. 

Contact Our Hingham Attorneys to Discuss a Divorce Involving Significant Assets

In many respects, divorcing couples with significant assets are no different from other couples. They need lawyers who are compassionate, good listeners, and willing to work hard achieve the best outcome possible for clients. However, they also need attorneys who can deal with the financial complexities of their situations. Our lawyers bring more than 20 years of experience handling all types of divorces, including complex divorces involving people with money, property, stock options, closely held businesses, and other forms of wealth. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals and preserve your assets. Call 781-749-7483 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation. 

Why Use Our Massachusetts Law Firm for Your Divorce When You Have Wealth?

Our lawyers at Coastal Divorce and Family Law know what is needed when clients have higher-than-average wealth. Some of the things we can do or arrange for these clients include: 

  • Valuing assets, including businesses, art, real estate, antiques, jewelry, and other valuable property
  • Investigating and uncovering hidden assets that the other party may be trying to shield
  • Advising you about the tax implications of different divorce options or referring you to an outside expert
  • Evaluating the possibility of paying or receiving alimony
  • Helping you save legal fees whenever possible 
  • Determining whether compromise and negotiations with the other party will save you time and money or whether you will need to litigate to get the best result
  • Establishing trusts for minor or dependent children

Our approach to high asset divorce is guided by the circumstances and goals of the client. Some clients are wealthy independent of their spouses. Others are financially dependent on the other party. Still others are equally wealthy. Whatever the situation, our divorce lawyers will listen carefully to your concerns and counsel you about your options. 

Contact a Massachusetts Divorce Attorney if You Need Help With a High-end Divorce

When you hire our law firm for a high-asset divorce, you will find that our lawyers and staff are good listeners, sympathetic, creative, and knowledgeable. We develop solutions for specific issues that preserve your assets, ensure that you are receiving everything you should in the settlement, protect your kids, and minimize the pain you, like all divorcing couples, are experiencing. To learn about our law firm and how we can advocate for you during this difficult time, contact us online or call 781-556-5216 to schedule a free initial consultation. 


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